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Writing for publication webinar – 2pm Tuesday 23 August 2016

This webinar aims to introduce tips for getting published in both academic, practice-led journals and other peer-reviewed publications. Whether you have written for publication before, or are just getting started, this session will provide valuable tips and introduce the process from submission and peer review, through to, hopefully, acceptance! It is aimed at current and aspiring NIHR trainees who would like to learn more about writing for publication.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why/where/what do you want to publish?
  • Structuring the paper
  • Hints and tips on getting your article into print
  • A live Q&A session

The webinar will be presented by Jennifer Chubb, a researcher at the University of York studying for a PhD in the Department of Education. Jenn has 10 years’ experience delivering training and development opportunities for researchers nationally and internationally and has published in a range of medium.

As this is a live webinar, attendees will be able to send questions in to the speakers and we will try to answer as many as possible during the webinar. We encourage you to send your question in advance, please email with the subject: ‘Writing for Publication webinar question’

You can register for the webinar via the following link:

Anyone with issues around registering for the event should email