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Coaching Workshops available with Dr Will Medd

Getting Started in Research
Monday 31st October, Macron Stadium, Bolton

If you are a healthcare professional working in the NHS it can be challenging to identify the options and opportunities available to you to increase your research skills and expertise.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to increase your understanding of the opportunities to develop research skills and expertise; provide an opportunity to develop a clear course of action; develop understanding of sources of funding and resources available to support career progression. The day includes pesentations from healthcare professionals at differing stages of their research career.

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The Resilient Researcher
Monday 7th November, Macron Stadium, Bolton

Getting the right balance: resilience and self-leadership in research –
This is a day to step back, re-align and plan the next steps in your research, recognising the need to keep the balance right with work and the rest of life. The day will build on questions around what’s at stake, choosing perspective, finding confidence, getting out of your own way and identifying habits that help and habits that hinder. Finally, what’s next will be explored in a way that energises!

This is a one-day experiential and interactive workshop that aims to enable researchers to apply and develop self-leadership skills.

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Write here. Write now
Monday 21st November, Macron Stadium, Bolton

This one day workshop offers a combination of ‘retreat’ to create space to write and live coaching ‘experiments’ to explore different approaches to the experience of writing.

While working on a current piece of writing (a paper, proposal etc) it aims to explore what happens if you unlock the possibility of enjoying writing! The workshop explores confidence, fears, values, goals and habits while experimenting with different writing moods.
Participants will come away with:

Dedicated writing time on their topics.
Greater awareness of what gets in their way of their writing and how to overcome that.
Learning from others about their writing experiences and strategies.
A commitment to new writing habits.

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Coaching for Success
Monday 12th December, Macron Stadium, Bolton

What is your potential as a researcher? Not in the future, now? Imagine having the support of a group coaching process over 6 months to support and challenge you to achieve those goals you’ve defined as important?

This programme starts with a one-day workshop in which you’ll come out with clarity about what you want to achieve over the 6 month period, a renewed self-confidence that you can do and a plan as to how to do it! The workshop will be following by monthly one hour group calls (Skype or phone) which will harness the power of group coaching to check in with your progress and learning, explore a new coaching angle, and to identify your next steps. This is for participants with all levels of experience and they will come with different agendas – you might be wanting to develop your writing, complete a project, enhance impact, pull together a proposal, find the right balance between research and life. Among the different themes we’ll encounter will be confidence and self-belief, managing anxiety and fear, effective goal setting, working from strengths, reframing difficult situations, creativity and much more. You’ll come out with some self-coaching skills too!

Run by Will Medd, the group coaching environment will enable participants to learn from each other, try things out, have shared accountability and reflect collectively on the outcomes. The series will conclude with a ½ day workshop in which participants can review, consolidate ideas and plan going forward.

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Changing the Conversation (Peer2Peer coaching)
January 2017, exact date and venue TBC (12 week programme)

This Peer2Peer coaching skills programme aims to give researchers a range of skills and techniques that they can utilize for self-coaching and peer support to enhance their research experience. It is designed so that participants are challenged to make progress on their own research goals, learn basic coaching skills and techniques they can use with their peers, while also building relationships within the health research community.

The programme involves an initial two-day workshop, followed by Peer2Peer coaching, two group supervision sessions and a final workshop.

This particular programme is unique in bringing together university and NHS based researchers from across the North West.

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27th October, Stop Motion Animation Workshop, Manchester
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