About Us

GMAHPR Committee Members
The Greater Manchester AHP Research Network was recently re-launched to promote multi-professional and service user research by bringing together AHPs; researchers, academics, clinicians, students and experts in research and service user involvement.

The membership of this AHP network is drawn from representatives from clinical and academic organisations in Greater Manchester area and representatives from each of the AHP professional groups.

We aim to provide:

  • information about research opportunities and resources,
  • an environment to enhance research collaborations
  • a signposting service for research funding opportunities,
  • a meaningful channel to communicate your ideas and questions
  • a portal to transfer knowledge and evidence
  • mini-workshops on research methodology,
  • mentorship and 1:1 support.

By providing excellent opportunities for networking and for collaborative clinically-based research, we aim to enhance research outputs across the Allied Health Professions and facilitate translation of research funding into education and practice

Please check the policies and the meetings on CAHPR strategy.